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Try to remember that special restaurant that you went to as a child. 

Where you felt welcome as not only as a customer but as that special place where you felt like family.


That dream began in 1984 as Shain’s of Maine Restaurant.  My Mom and Dad would welcome you with a smile and a “how was your day”  a special community gathering place that is missing so much now a days.  For 17 years Mom and Dad greeted the community that supported them.  Unfortunately in 2002 we lost Mom to cancer.  It was her restaurant, her vision, her “place”.  Dad and I decided in her honor to close the restaurant and concentrate on the ice cream business.  For twelve years people would tell us how much they missed the restaurant and the wonderful “home cooked” meals. 

So in 2014 we decided to reopen Shain’s of Maine Restaurant.  We opened for three important reasons.  First and foremost was to hang Mom’s portrait back in “her” restaurant, second was for Dad to be able to see the restaurant open again as he battled a series of strokes and felt he would benefit to see it open and third was for the community to once again experience the Shain’s of Maine Restaurant hospitality…great service, great “home cooked” meals that all could afford. 


So I am pleased to invite you once again to Mom and Dad’s dream...





So why are Wednesday’s so different at Shain’s of Maine?

Two words...


Burgers 75 cents, French fries 75 cents, hot dogs 75 cents and the list continues.

The fun starts at 4:00 pm in the restaurant.

A great way to take out the family and not break the bank.

Every Wednesday at Shain’s of Maine


Restaurant Hours


Friday & Saturday night: 4pm to 8pm
Sunday: Closed

Cheap Eats Hours

Every Wednesday from 4pm

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