More than Ice Cream at Shain’s of Maine? It is true we have a passion for ice cream but Shield’s of Kennebunk Hot Dogs or a Maine Lobster Rolls can begin your lunch, dinner, or Maine snack before you indulge in our award winning ice cream.

Grilled New England style roll with a natural casing hot dog dressed up your way.

46,000 Maine Lobster rolls were sold here at Shain’s of Maine in 2016. Why? Pretty simple actually, they are really good. Served on a New England Style roll grilled or steamed with your choice of mayonnaise or warmed with butter for $7.99. So what’s the catch? Add a cup of clam chowder (we offer fish chowder too on Fridays) and it’s $9.99. The catch is if you stop you’ll probably want to finish your awesome meal with an ice cream.

When you have a true passion for creating ice cream flavors and combinations of amazing ingredients than you too may be crowned as a Grand Master Ice Cream Maker. Since there is only a few people that can make this claim I have a better idea. Come to Shain’s of Maine Ice Cream and experience the Shain’s of Maine Grand Master Ice Cream Makers incredible passion. His true favorite is Vanilla but with over 100 flavors to choose from I am sure you will find a flavor that fits you to a T.

I am honored to serve you and know that the passion that I have for ice cream and for serving you will shine through.

Jeff Shain
Grand Master Ice Cream Maker