Shain's of Maine
About Shains

Established in 1979, Shain’s of Maine ice cream has grown to be one of the most innovative and top producing ice cream companies in the state of Maine.

We began as a small retail ice cream company and sold everything that we made in our retail outlets in Sanford and Springvale. In 1984 we consolidated these shops and built our current location on Route 109, together with the restaurant we continued to grow in the ice cream business. In the Spring of 1988 we purchased an ice cream freezer truck to better enhance our service to wholesale account and to get the product to our customer in good condition. Thus began the wholesale division of Shain’s of Maine ice cream.



In order to get new customer we sent out samples to everyone we came in contact with; restaurants, dipping stores or anyone else that used ice cream. One of the key things that we have always done is to sell the product based on its superior quality and our service. To this day we have kept this commitment and will continue to carry on this ideal.

Some of the accounts that we serviced in the very beginning are still with us and as we have grown so has the list of big and small ice cream users. We have many accounts that we are proud to service and it is very seldom that we will lose an account after we have started to service them.

Shain’s of Maine ice cream is a family owned ice cream company, we are sure you and your family will enjoy all the different flavors we have. Be sure to look for the Shain’s of Maine sign at your favorite dipping stand or at supermarkets in your area. We invite you to stop by our ice cream parlor in Sanford to enjoy a treat any time. Thank you for supporting our Maine company!